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For front line inside sales reps, get effective and affordable traiing, "On-Demand." Prospecting and closing skills that get results!
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Finally, management training for inside sales managers and directors. Get the skills and processes you need to lead and succeed.
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Attention Closers! Are you ready to take your sales to another level? In this Special Report, you will learn "10 Techniques that will Instantly Make You A Better Closer!" You will learn both qualifying and closing techniques that will immediately make your job easier and help you close more sales! Note: This Valuable Special Report is FREE when you sign up for my Ezine!!

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 "If you are sick and tired of being Blown Off or Put Off by brush offs or objections and want proven and effective techniques to help you improve, then get this VALUABLE Special Report right now!"

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In this Special Report, you'll learn how to:

  • Avoid the 3 Biggest Cold Calling Mistakes
    80% of your competition make these common mistakes everyday and rob themselves of thousands of dollars of commission every month!
  • Question the Red Flags You Get
    If you're not questioning the red flags during the qualification phase, then you're in trouble when you call back to close!
  • How to Avoid the Brush Off
    Tired of hearing, "We're just not interested?" Learn how to overcome it today!  
  • How To Leave Voice Mail Messages That Get Returned!
    How many of your voicemail messages get returned? Thought so!
  • How to Double Your Income in Just 90 Days
    Use this ONE technique to make more sales than you ever thought possible!
  • And 5 Other Powerful Techniques!

These 10 Techniques work with any product or service you are selling because they get you past the smokescreen and teach you how to uncover and then deal with the real objection.  AND THEY WORK! 

But don’t take my word for it.  Here’s what one closer has to say: 

"Mike, these techniques are awesome! I used to get so frustrated with certain sales situations and objections, I didn't know what to do and didn't know what I was doing wrong!


But now that I'm using these techniques to qualify and close properly, I'm staying in control and identifying the real buyers and closing more sales. My closing percentage has increased by almost 50% because of these techniques!


You should be charging more for these! I easily made more than $350 using these 10 techniques in the first week alone! Thanks again!"

Shara Gatrelle, Los Angeles, CA

 Bottom line:  If you’re ready to:

  • Start closing more sales
  • Have more confidence
  • Make your job easier
  • Make more money

Then Order Your Special Report and start getting better today

Download My Special Report! 

Just $19.99 

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