Inside Sales Core Selling
Skills Training Workshop
For Sales Reps Responsible for Prospecting, Qualifying and Closing Sales over the Phone
Includes Four Complete Webinar Sessions
For Repeatable and Reinforced Learning Retention
This breakthrough learning experience gives your inside sales reps the proven skills and techniques they can immediately use to sell more effectively over the phone.

To succeed in today’s selling environment of Sales 2.0, where the buyer often has the advantage of time and choice of when and who to buy from, old selling skills that focus on features and benefits simply aren’t working. To succeed you need to be able to make a real connection with prospects and customers and be able to identify and satisfy what the real buying motivations are.

With the new Inside Sales Core Selling Skills Workshop, you and your team will learn the crucial skills and techniques needed to first engage and identify real buyers and how to navigate the selling process successfully.

Replacing worn out or ineffective selling strategies that produce inconsistent or below goal results is critical to your long term success and will enable you to gain market share and build the long term relationships that result in ongoing and predictable revenues.

A Personal Note from Mike Brooks

Mike Brooks
Mr. Insides Sales
I remember when I discovered what it took to become a Top 20% producer.
After doubling my income in 90 days, and then tripling it in 9 months, I was promoted to sales manager and led my sales team to produce over 127 million dollars in revenue in just 12 months.
I have spent my career as Mr. Inside Sales working with companies who have underperforming sales teams and teaching them effective, core selling skills that allow them to not only get through to decision makers but also help them identify who the real buyers are and what it takes to successfully close the sale.
By teaching sales reps how to handle and succeed in the selling situations that frustrate 80% of their competition, my clients are able to reduce their costs of doing business by eliminating many of the unqualified leads in the beginning, and they grow in confidence and results as they reach and sell to more qualified buyers
I am proud to present to you and your sales team my complete inside sales core selling skills workshop that will have an immediate and ongoing positive effect on both your company’s bottom line results and the attitude and integrity of your sales team.

Better Results Through Repetition and Reinforcement
The key to all learning is repetition and reinforcement.  This is especially true in sales skills training.  While most sales training has a temporary effect, far too often sales reps fall back into old, ineffective behavior and bad habits. This is why many companies are weary of investing in much needed sales skills training.

This state of the art, four session webinar training is highly effective because you don’t just buy it and take it once. Rather, your company invests in a life-time license to use this powerful training over and over again. This allows your sales team to learn through repetition. 

Also included in this training is a 146 page, comprehensive manual that is filled with word for word scripts and techniques that you can adapt to your selling situations and product or service. This allows your team to use these core selling skills daily which allows them to permanently adopt these new skills through reinforcement. 

The result is effective, core selling skills training that change your sales rep’s behavior for measurable, long term and successful results. 

In addition to using this powerful core selling skills program over and over for team training or as a self-paced reinforcement program, you can use this same program for all new sales reps to help onboard them faster and more successfully. 

Praise for Mike Brooks’ Training

"I provide ongoing sales training for our sales team, but I was a little hesitant to try his program because I thought our sales team already understood the topics he was going to cover. However, after having my entire sales team participated in the core selling skills program, I can say without a doubt, Mike's approach to sales is simply outstanding. It's so much more than just a few sales "techniques"; it's a comprehensive sales philosophy, strategy as well as tons of specific "techniques".

As CEO, I'm on the phone negotiating and "selling" all day long, and I can tell you his approach absolutely works. If you want an easy to understand, simple to implement, step-by-step plan to improve your ability to sell (and negotiate) -- learn AND put into practice what Mike teaches!"

David Fein CEO/President,
ValuSource, LLC

"Just a few words to say thanks for your Inside Sales Core Selling Skills Workshop and to let you know how much we got out of it.

The Account Executives on my sales team can be pretty tough customers. The reps that got the most out of the training were those that are in the top 20-35% and had many great things to say about the positive impact that the material had on their presentations and call handling.

What I am most pleased about, however, is that everyone seems to have picked up at least one new thing that they can try and to me that is a huge win! I’m very happy to report that 65% have hit Gold (125% of quota) or Platinum (150% of quota) so far, and I think the impact of your training is going to continue for months to come. I‘d highly recommend your Sales Training Workshop to any company looking for better results! Thanks again."

Joyce Juntunen
Manager of Training - Helping Real Estate Professionals Succeed NASDAQ: SOLD

"Your Inside Sales Core Selling Skills Workshop was simply one of the best and most practical sales courses I have participated in. I put my sales team through the Four Sessions and the next month, they doubled the amount of appointments set and broke all company records. This is a must do training course for anybody responsible for selling or prospecting over the phone."

Jennifer Livi
Director of Business Development Proforma
Cleveland Ohio Proforma Worldwide Support Center

"I participated in Mike’s Inside Sales Core Selling Skills Workshop and was thrilled with the results and understanding that I gained! As a consistent top performer, trained by many well-known sales coaches, I always thought that staying in the Top 20% occurred with efficient action items, and a positive attitude. I could never explain to others why or how I had become a top performer, other than by doing certain activities consistently, and then the results were inevitable.

What I learned from Mike’s training, however, was how to turn my action items into predictable and repeatable results. To start with, I learned a new skill each week, practiced the skill, and then watched how this new skill transformed me into a more successful sale professional. Over time, this new skill became a habit, and as the habits multiplied, so did my results!

I highly recommend Mike’s Core Selling Skills Workshop to anyone in sales, as I learned how to refine my sales skills using leading edge sales strategies that only the most successful sales coaches understand. If you are serious about being in the Top 20%, or moving into the Top 5%, do not hesitate and sign up today. Believe me, you’ll be happy you did."

Andrea Samadi
Pearson Education
Author of “The Secret for Teens Revealed” 2008

Get Your Training Today and Learn To:

Adopt and develop the 5 Rules of Top 20% Producers
Write and use scripts to make cold calling and prospecting effective and easy!
Get past the gatekeeper and through to more decision makers
Easily handle initial blow offs and put offs to earn the right to present your product or service
Use the one thing that can help you and your team double your income in the next 90 days
Turn rejection into opportunity
Properly use voicemail to get prospects to call you back
Use email to your advantage
Double your closing ratio
Differentiate buyers from non-buyers 
Deal with red flags up front that always come back to kill a sale
Isolate smokescreen objections and learn what’s really holding your prospect back

Unlimited Corporate License

Individual Use

All Training Programs are not Created Equal

While there are a lot of training programs available that offer fine material, none of them match the value and the effectiveness of our Inside Sales Core Selling Skills Webinar Workshop. 

When you invest in this four session complete training program, you will immediately acquire  a powerful and proven, comprehensive sales training program that will become the benchmark for your company’s sustained success. 

Your sales team will have on-going access to the skills that will enable to them to make their revenue goals, as well as a 146 page manual packed with real world scripts and techniques they will use for years to reinforce and retain their improvement. 

Get Access to This Training Now and Learn To:

Immediately engage your prospects and get the sale at the beginning of the close
Eliminate the fear of asking for the order
Use trial closes to gage your prospect’s interest and readiness to buy
Stop talking past the close
Use the “drop close” effectively to save and win more sales
Easily handle initial objections on the close that frustrate 80% of your competition
Develop the self talk of winners
Write effective affirmations that will imprint the behavior – and results – you really want
Move into the Top 5% of your company or industry!

4 Webinar Sessions that will transform the
way your sales team sells over the phone!

Inside Sales Core Skills
How the Webinar Training Works
Download the Webinar Sessions to Begin. This state of the art training consists of four individual Webinars (recorded by Mike Brooks) that your reps download and store on their computer (or in your company’s share drive for easy access). All they need is a computer with speakers to watch and listen to each training unit (a headset works well, too). You can use this program for group training in your conference or training room, or each rep can use each unit on their own to either train or reinforce the material.

Download the Training Manual. Each sales rep will also download and print out the 146 page training manual that is used to follow along with each unit of the webinar training. After each session, sales reps are encouraged to adapt and use the word for word scripts in the manual to help them successfully navigate the selling situations they face each and every day.

What your team learns in each session of the training:

Session 1: Cold Calling Success
The training begins with a description the 80-20 rule in sales: Why 80% of the sales are made by a select few “Top 20% Producers,” and, more importantly, what they can do to move into that elite selling group. 

Next we’ll cover 5-Rules for Top 20% Performance and what each sales rep can begin doing immediately to develop better habits for increased performance. We teach the importance of:
  • Making a commitment to the profession of selling
  • The one time management technique that makes the biggest difference
  • The importance of practicing perfection and solid selling skills
  • How preparation makes selling easy
  • The one asset of all top sales performers – and how to develop it
  • And much more
Next we move into the basics of successful cold calling and teach your sales team the importance of scripts and show them how to use them effectively to open their calls. We concentrate on giving your reps the most effective techniques to get past gatekeepers and through to decision makers. We also cover powerful techniques that allow them to:
  • Anticipate rejection and make every call successful
  • Learn when and how to use voicemail
  • Specific voicemail scripts for both new prospects and prospects who aren’t getting back to them
  • The six rules for successful emails
  • The one email that is guaranteed to get a response
  • And much more
This is a dynamic and motivating session that will immediately give your team the new perspective and new tools they’ll use to move into more effective prospecting, appointment setting and existing client development.
Session 2: How to Qualify Real Buyers
This is the gold of this program. In this session we teach the importance of identifying and finding a qualified lead and how every other part of the sales process is based on the success of this step. We discuss the concept of the sales pipeline and why Top 20% producers have thrown theirs away and why that allows them to have the highest closing rates in their industry.

We then teach your reps exactly how to qualify buyers by teaching them how to:
  • Stop stuffing unqualified leads into their pipelines
  • Disqualify rather than qualify prospects
  • Develop a qualifying checklist complete with sample questions for each step
  • Use assumptive questioning to avoid creating smokescreen objections later on
  • Identify and deal with red flag objections like, “Just email your information” and many others
  • Avoid the biggest mistake 80% of their competition is making
  • How to handle and overcome the initial reflex objections that frustrate 80% of their completion
In addition, each rep is taught a variety of different ways to handle the most common initial resistance blow offs they get over and over again when prospecting. Included in the sessions and in the manual are many word for word scripts to handle objections like:
  • “I’m not interested”
  • “Just send your information”
  • “We’re already taken care of”
  • “I’m too busy/don’t have the time”
  • “We don’t have the money/budget”
  • And many others
In this session your reps become empowered because they are given the exact scripts and tools to handle the frustrating selling situations they face day in and day out while prospecting new and existing accounts. 

By learning and mastering the skills of proper qualifying, your sales team will greatly improve their conversion rate of close sales. This is the essential first step to making your revenue numbers as a company.
Session 3: The Close – How to Deal With and Overcome Objections
Everyone wants to know how to close more sales. In this session, sales reps learn first how to approach their newly qualified leads in a more assumptive way for an easier and more successful closing presentation and result. Next we cover exactly what to do – and what not to do – while handling objections. 

You’ll learn how to deal with smokescreen objections and exactly how to successfully overcome the most common objections like:
  • “We don’t have the budget”
  • “I need to talk to someone else”
  • “The price is too high”
  • “I want to think about it”
  • “We already have a supplier”
  • And much more
Other core closing skills and techniques are discussed in detail including:
  • How to set up the perfect close
  • How to avoid the biggest mistake 80% of sales reps make when closing
  • The one technique that can get the deal at the beginning of the close
  • How to use trial closes
  • The power of the 5-Step Close
  • How to isolate objections
  • Over 30 word for word closing scripts!
Your reps will never fear the close again once they learn and begin using these powerful closing skills and techniques!
Session 4: How to Stay Motivated
Session four is where we bring it all together. While the first three sessions are focused on providing you and your team with the practical day to day skills, techniques and strategies they can use to successfully navigate the sale, it is in this session that they learn the crucial importance of how to raise their expectations of themselves and begin thinking – and acting – like the top 20% closers they can be. 

In this highly motivational and inspiring session, we teach you:
  • Why your thinking and attitude will always determine your results
  • What your potential really is and why you are not living up to yours
  • How to develop the self-talk of the Top 20%
  • The five secrets of effective affirmations
  • Why you haven’t reached your goals and what to do about it
  • How to become and stay motivated from within
  • And much more
The technology and methods you’ll learn in this unit will enable you to build a team of self-motivated producers that will become a joy for you to coach and manage. Just think about how your Top 20% are already self driven and ask yourself how you’ll feel once you give your entire team the tools for them to be self driven as well.

Looking back on my own experience, it was only when I combined this success technology with the advanced skill set I learned that my success took off and stayed there. This is the most important unit in all sales skills training, and it is amazing how many sales training courses don’t even mention it!

Once your team completes this session and incorporates it with the sales skills they learn in the previous sessions, they will be a fully trained team of sales professionals.  And this is when your production, your results and your success as a company begin paying huge dividends…
Turn Your Inside Sales Team into Winners
The Inside Sales Core Selling Skills Webinar Workshop gives you and your team the complete training and all the tools you’ll need to develop and grow a team of highly producing inside sales professionals. You get full access to this powerful training program and the ability to watch and learn from it over and over again. 

Remember, repetition and reinforcement is the key to successful skill development and retention and that’s why we license you to use this training webinar series over and over again. 

You will also receive a copy of my new book of phone scripts, “The Ultimate Book of Phone Scripts” so you will have access to even more proven skills, scripts and techniques to add and build into your ongoing sales training program. 

Giving your sales team access to this training and the sales manual filled with proven scripts and techniques is an investment that will pay for itself month after month, year after year.
Unlimited Corporate License

Individual Use

Invest Once – Train Your Reps for Years
This is truly the investment that pays for itself for years!

In addition to buying an immediate upgrade in the skill set of your sales team, you are also buying on on-going training program that you will use for years to come. You can use this training webinar series to:

  • Train your entire inside sales team right now
  • Re-train reps on the spot whenever they need to brush up or reinforce an important skill set
  • Train new hires to onboard them faster and teach them proven skills from the start
  • Get everybody on the same page and provide them with a common language and sales process
  • Free you up to coach and manage knowing the training program is handled!
  • And much more
Webinar Program Payment and
Purchase Details
Inside Sales Core Skills
Who Should Attend:  This program is for inside sales reps who conduct any portion of their sale using the phone. It’s perfect for account managers, front line inside sales reps, appointment setters, independent sales reps, sales managers and sales trainers.
Completion Time:  4 hours and 25 minutes (in four sessions)
Format:  MP4 webinar sessions.  There are 4 individually recorded webinars that you will download and store on your computer hard drive.  When ready to watch, simply open the program and you will view each session (along with the ability to pause and take notes or discuss) while following along with the training manual.
Format:  Interactive Web Conference
Materials:  A 146 page training manual is downloaded by each participant.  This manual contains the training material including additional scripts and techniques for use during the training sessions. Included in this manual are qualifying check lists, call counting forms, complete scripts and much more.
Bonus Materials:  In addition, each training program includes the book, “The Ultimate Book of Phone Scripts.”  Brian Tracy calls this book, “Absolutely the best book on inside sales I’ve seen in a long time.”
Content License:  Companies paying for a corporate license (see below) are granted the right to retain and use all session webinars and course material for training purposes within their organizations in perpetuity. 

Individual users have access to these training webinars for 30 days.
Course Investment:  Corporate license $4,500 (unlimited license). 
Individual use: $1,500 (30 day unlimited use license)
Instructor:  Mike Brooks, Mr. Inside Sales
Payment Options:  Credit Card – All major credit cards accepted (VeriSign Secure).
                Approved Company Purchase Order (Please fax to 818-936-0451
                To order by phone call 919-267-4202 (9AM – 4PM PDT)
Dates:  That’s the best part. You can begin this training today! Why don’t you?
Cancellation Policy:  Once you’ve paid for and received the training sessions, there are no cancellations. The webinars and training manual are yours to keep and use within your company for an unlimited time.
Questions or Phone Orders: (919) 267-4202 (9AM – 4PM PDT)
Unlimited Corporate License

Individual Use


Mr. Inside Sales
Los Angeles, California