What Would a 33% Increase in Sales Mean to Your Company?

According to CSOInsights.com, sales teams that have and follow a "Defined Sales Process" average more than 33% in production and revenue than sales teams that don't.

Imagine how much more successful you and your sales team would be if all your reps performed like your Top 20% producers?
Think about how much easier it would be for you to not only predict consistent revenue, but to actually achieve it month in and month out...
And then imagine being able to replicate that proven system and hire other sales reps that will achieve the same results.

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"How to Build a
Multi-Million Dollar
Inside Sales Team"

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Would you like to learn exactly what you and your management team needs to do to build and grow a Multi-Million Dollar producing inside sales team?

Are you finally ready to put all the pieces in place that will allow you and your management team to build and grow a Multi-Million Dollar inside sales team?

If so, then you’ll want to invest in our powerful, comprehensive training program that focuses exclusively on Inside Sales Management Training.  You and your sales managers will learn, step by step, everything you need to do to build and grow a Multi-Million Dollar producing inside sales team.

We know what it takes to build a team of highly trained, motivated and effective inside sales reps, and our new Comprehensive Management Training Program will teach you and your management team how to take this proven formula and implement it in your company and with your sales team. 

You will learn the Three Elements You'll Need to Build and Grow a Multi-Million Dollar Producing Inside Sales Team

Part One:
We will teach you the three crucial elements of a Multi-Million Dollar producing team, starting with identifying and building a sequential, step by step sales process. In Part One
, we will show you exactly how to:

Only by having a definable, repeatable and teachable selling process for your unique selling environment will you be able to train and coach your reps through the sale in the most effective and results oriented way. 

Creating this Defined Selling Process also allows you to identify and break down each phase of the sales process, which helps everyone understand the important sales benchmarks. This enables you to create a common language which allows your reps to communicate and understand clearly where they are and how to effectively navigate the sales process.

Part Two:

In Part Two, we will help you develop a comprehensive sales training program centered around your best practice Defined Sales Process (DSP).  Once this is developed, you will be able to give your team members the exact scripts, techniques and strategies needed to successfully navigate through each phase of your DSP.

The benefits of having a specific, best practice training program include: 

Part Three:
In Part Three – Managing your sales team – you will learn how to finally manage and coach the actions that really drive sales – exactly what and how your reps perform during the sales process.  Once you have the specific tools of a Defined Sales Process, and a training program that teaches and reinforces those best practices, managing becomes easy and even enjoyable.

You’ll be able to:

Once you and your management team learn this step by step inside sales management training program, you’ll know exactly what you need to do - and how to do it! – to put together the selling process, the sales training, and the follow up managing, measuring and coaching practices that will allow you to smoothly and effectively grow a Multi-Million dollar inside sales team.
This is the only Sales Management Program available that is exclusively focused on Inside Sales Management, and it is the culmination of over 25 years of successful experience at building and growing Multi-Million Dollar Inside Sales Teams.

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"How to Build a
Multi-Million Dollar
Inside Sales Team"

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