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Finally the Complete Instruction Manual On How to Become a Top 20% Closer Is Here! 

In this 82 page, comprehensive Top 20% manual you will learn word for word what to do and say to catapult your
sales & earnings starting with your very next phone call!

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Hi, I’m Mike Brooks, and I have sat where you are sitting right now and wondered, “What am I doing wrong? How can I make more money? How come other closers can make all the sales and win all the awards, trips and bonuses, etc. What’s wrong with me?” 

And that’s when I decided enough is enough. If other sales reps could do it, I Could Do It Too! And that’s when I made a commitment to learn and use the techniques and strategies of top phone pros, and I decided I was going to do whatever it took to get there. AND I DID! 

I Tripled My Income in 3 months and
Doubled It Again 6 months later! 

My life changed and SO CAN YOURS! 

I wrote this Top 20% Complete Instruction Manual for YOU. I’ve put, word for word, everything I used to succeed on the phone, and it’s all available here in this powerful, proven Top 20% Instruction Manual. 

Here is just a partial list of what you will learn in it:

  • Word for Word scripts on how to avoid initial brush offs, buyer resistance, and how to overcome hard core objections.
  • Exactly how to qualify prospects to tell who’s going to buy and who’s not.
  • A Qualifying Checklist complete with scripted questions to get the information you’ll need to easily close the sale.
  • How to avoid being screened out, and how to get the assistant to like you and tell you all.
  • How to leave voice mail messages that actually get returned.
  • All about email messages and how to separate yours from the other 80% that are being deleted!
  • You’ll learn how to set up the perfect close, avoid the initial blow out, and earn the right to get the order.
  • You’ll learn the one powerful technique (completely scripted!) on how to get the order without even pitching!
  • The powerful Five-Step Method of handling and overcoming all objections.
  • And So Much More!

If you’re an inside sales rep sitting at your desk or in your cubicle wishing you had word for word instructions on how to close more sales EASILY, then guess what? YOU’VE FOUND IT! 

Here's what one closer has to say about this manual: 

"I must say this revised manual is AWESOME!!"

I've read some good sales books in past, but this is the BEST. This is pretty much the one stop shop for all your Telesales training needs. I will never go anywhere else. I feel that I can sell anything over phone just by using his techniques. If you really want to increase commissions checks this is the book to start with."

William Owusu Alexandria, Va

Grab your credit card right now, and invest just $79 and download this Top 20% Instruction Manual RIGHT NOW! 

In about 10 minutes you will be printing out the scripts, techniques and tools you’ll need to change your life. Stop wishing and start succeeding! 

And if you need something special to motivate you, how about this: If you order your Instruction Manual right now, you will also get my Special Report: “Ten Techniques To Instantly Make You A Better Closer” ABSOLUTELY FREE!

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Also, if you’re a sales manager or business owner, YOU, TOO, NEED THIS MATERIAL. Heck, there’s enough material in here to run sales meetings for 6 months! And for $79? What the heck are you waiting for? 

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