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35 Proven Ways to Become
  Closer of the Month

You asked for it - you got it! 35 of my award winning "Secrets of the Top 20%" articles Completely Revised and together for the First Time Ever! 

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This Special Edition, 58 page eBook is packed with Proven Techniques, Skills, and Strategies of Top 20% Closers. Use them and you will be the Closer of The Month!

Ever wished you could find a book packed with easy to follow, in-depth "How To" articles specifically written to help you avoid rejection and sell more business over the phone? Well, LOOK NO FURTHER! IT'S HERE!!

35 Proven Techniques To Make You Closer of the Month Contains three sections that cover every aspect of inside sales - Qualifying Secrets, Closing Secrets, and a Special Section on Additional Secrets of the Top 20%, Any one of these Secrets can DRAMATICALLY INCREASE your sales and put more money in your pocket.


Here's just a sample of what you'll learn in each section:


Top 20% Qualifying Secrets include:

  • How to Recognize and Question the Red Flags
  • How to Avoid the 3 Biggest Cold Calling Mistakes
  • The 5 Elements of a Qualified Lead
  • How to Avoid the Brush Off
  • The Power of Layering Questions
  • Easy Ways to Build Rapport
  • How to Avoid Rejection
  • How to Handle In Coming Leads
  • How to Overcome Call Reluctance
And So Much More!!

And many of these tips come with Scripted Examples of what to say and how to say it!

The Top 20% Closing Secrets Section include topics like:

  • How to Double Your Sales With One Simple Technique
  • How to Handle Objections
  • Five Ways to Stop Talking Past the Close
  • The Power of Trial Closes
  • How to Use the Take Away
  • The Instant Close Technique
  • How to Handle the Price Objection

And So Much More!!

You Get All This PLUS a Special Section with Additional Tips all for less than some of you spend in Starbucks each week!! Just $29.99!


So Take Action!
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Download Now!

Just $29.99

Buy Now!


Buy Now!

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