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Inside Sales Training. Customized inside sales training programs proven to increase sales. Learn effective prospecting and closing skills giving you measurable results.

At Mr. Inside Sales, we have a variety of proven and effective inside sales training programs to fit every need and every budget. Whether you need to train a team of 3 to 5 sales reps or 100 or more across several locations, we have the experience and proven, measurable results you are looking for. Our training covers every aspect of inside sales including:

  • Cold Calling and Prospecting skills
  • Appointment Setting skills
  • Closing the sale through either a demo or multiple call sales cycle
  • Inside sales Management Training
  • Full Customer Service Training
  • Proactive Up-Selling during incoming product or service calls
  • Account Management and Reactivation calls

All our programs can be customized and delivered on site or through a webinar presentation. Please call us for a free consultation to discuss your specific situation and needs (919) 267-4202. Or email Mike Brooks for a prompt reply here:

Here is a brief description of what each inside sales training covers:

Core Selling Skills Training Program: This is a comprehensive, one day training program that covers every aspect of inside sales from “cold to close”. Your team will learn the specific techniques to make outbound prospecting calls and qualify prospects for your sales pipeline. Also covered are closing call(s) and proven techniques to overcoming objections and winning the sale.

This powerful training program can be presented in its original format as a one day seminar or fully customized to fit your sales and sales culture – including word for word scripting for your company, product or service – and delivered onsite.

For a course description and to see this Inside Sales Training Program as a stand-alone, repeatable training program you can purchase for your team, click here.

Proactive Up-Selling Training: If you have a team of account managers or service reps who take orders from existing customers and clients, and you want to get more from each client interaction, then this training will turn your order takers into order makers. This ½ day training can be customized to your product or service so each account rep has the scripted up-sell pitches and responses that help them turn order situations into increased revenue streams.

Customer Service Training: To deliver an excellent, consistent customer service experience that turns your customers and prospects into raving fans, all you need is to put them through our skill based, customized customer service ½ day training. We know what it takes standardize your customer service experience, and so will your team once they’ve been through our customer service training. Download our white paper on delivering excellent customer service and then give us a call to discuss.

Inside Sales Management Training: Many inside sales managers were promoted because they were the top producers in their office, but sadly they were never given the skills to lead, grow and manage a team. This glaring need is corrected in our ½ day inside sales management training.

This hands on training can either be customized to fit your product, service or culture, or you can purchase a stand-alone product that walks your inside sales managers through this process. Click here to see this option. (scroll down the page to ‘Option Two.’)

Our Flagship Program: “How to Build a Multi-Million Dollar Inside Sales Team.” This in-depth program builds your entire sales process from the ground up. We guide you through all three phases of a winning sales process:

  • Step One: We start by defining your “Best Practice” sales cycle complete with benchmarks your sales and management team can follow and measure.
  • Next, we develop with you a “Sales Playbook” that scripts out each step in your sales process. We then train your team on the best practices they can use to successfully navigate through the sale faster and more effectively.
  • Lastly, we develop the specific coaching and measuring tools so you can quickly increase and measure sales. Many of our clients see an immediate, dramatic increase in sales from 20% to 35% in as little as 60 to 90 days!

For a complete description of how this program works, click here.

Ongoing Coaching and Mentoring: Imagine hiring Mike Brooks to be your company’s ongoing trainer or even V.P. of Sales. Please contact Mike for more information on:

  • Running weekly sales meeting
  • Executive coaching for business owners
  • Coaching and training your management team and more…
  • Operating as a V.P. of Sales

If you have an inside sales team that needs training and support to finally make and exceed your revenue goals, then contact us today.