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For front line inside sales reps, get effective and affordable training, "On-Demand." Prospecting and closing skills that get results!
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Finally, management training for inside sales managers and directors. Get the skills and processes you need to lead and succeed.
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Are You Looking for a Speaker to Instantly Motivate and Energize Your Inside Sales Reps?

Do You Need Someone to Reinforce Your Sales Training and Provide Proven Sales Techniques That Your Team Can Begin Using Immediately to Boost Sales Revenues?

Then book Mr. Inside Sales at your next sales meeting, sales convention, product launch or other important company sales event.

  • Have your reps heard it all?
  • Are they tired of the same old sales training?
  • Are they a “tough crowd" who knows when someone isn't walking their talk?

If you're looking for an Inside Sales Pro who knows what your reps are going through, and knows how to motivate them, then call today to inquire about my Special Presentation:

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“10 Secrets of Top 20 % Performance”
How to Double Your Sales and Income
Selling over the Phone

80% of inside sales reps are unprepared and ad lib their way through their sales presentation. This causescall reluctance, creates resistance, and results in more objections and lost sales. Top 20% producers, on the other hand, are prepared in advance and know how to overcome initial resistance, build rapport, qualify properly and isolate and overcome objections.They close 80% of the sales in your office or industry.

This presentation teaches the 10 top skills of Top 20% performers in a motivational and energetic way.

Attendees will learn:

  • The single greatest skill of the Top 20%
  • The one thing you can start doing today to double your income
  • How to anticipate and overcome initial objections
  • The single most powerful technique to use that will eliminate 90% of the screening you get
  • The power of assumptive questions
  • The two things you must get from qualifying
  • The one technique that can instantly get the sale -- before you even deliver your presentation!
  • The power of trial closes
  • How to find and overcome the real objection
  • How to develop a winning, expectant attitude

This presentation can be given in a variety of presentation formats. Mike Brooks is prepared to deliver the following types of presentations:

One hour high-level presentation

  • Great for sales meetings, product launches, or general motivational sessions

Four hour workshop

  • Appropriate for more in-depth training, and customizable to reinforce your current training

About Mike Brooks

With over 20 years of inside sales closing experience, Mike has been billed nationwide as Mr. Inside Sales. Once a bottom 80% producer, Mike learned and perfected the skills of Top 20% producers and became the number one sales rep out of 5 Southern California branch offices.


Author of the weekly Ezine, “Inside Sales Secrets of the Top 20%,” Mike's proven techniques, strategies and skills are used successfully by companies in industries such as securities sales, high-tech sales, pharmaceuticals, equipment leasing and other business to business applications.


Mike combines proven, current tactics and skills with personal experience to provide a motivational and practical presentation.


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Mike Brooks



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