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Products to help you become a Top 20% Closer!

If you’re looking for proven techniques and strategies to help you Avoid Rejection, Find and Qualify Real Buyers, and Easily Overcome Objections, all resulting in CLOSING MORE SALES AND MAKING MORE MONEY, then you’ve come to the right place!

Choose the product that best fits your needs, and you'll be on your way to better performance, confidence and results!

Get over 220 Brand New Scripts in the new book, "The Ultimate Book of Phone Scripts!"  This powerful resource is packed with word for word scripts to help you overcome all the brush offs, put offs, resistance and objections you get every day.  Learn how to get through to decision makers, qualify better leads, set more appointments and close more sales using the FRESH and proven scripts in this best selling book of scripts!

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Want the fastest way to become a Top 20% Producer? Invest in this Award Winning 5 CD Inside Sales training program and hear, word for word, every script, technique, skill and strategy that will turn you into the best of the best. The information in these CD's made me personally over $90,000 in additional income in 8 months! It's that good! Click Here to read more about it and then get ready to have your career, and life, change forever!"

Do you struggle to overcome the Price Objection?

If so, then you'll love watching of my best selling Webinar called, "How to Overcome the Price Objection."  You'll learn exactly what to do, and what not to do, to easily and effectively handle this objection.  Included are four, word for word, scripts on how to handle what is hiding behind this smokescreen objection.  This is a valuable training tool and will help you easily handle and overcome the price/budget objection!

Want 10 techniques to instantly close more business? Download my Special Report, "Techniques To Instantly Make You A Better Closer," and learn WORD FOR WORD how to better qualify prospects, avoid brush offs and put offs and overcome objections to close more sales. These techniques will instantly make you a better closer!

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My best selling book, "The Real Secrets of the Top 20" will teach new reps and veterans alike real life, proven techniques on how to get through to decision makers, qualify and close more business.  When combined with my "Ultimate Secrets of the Top 20% CD," you'll move into the Top 20% elite group of producers in your company or industry sooner than you think.  And at the sale price of just $39, it's a no brainer.  Order today!

The Complete Book of Phone Scripts” is packed with over 130 pages of proven, Word for Word Scripts that will instantly make you more comfortable and confident selling over the phone. These proven and effective scripts and techniques will help you easily overcome brush offs, put offs, and objections that are costing you thousands of dollars each month! Visit Here to read more about it and order your copy today! Just $49!

You asked for it – you got it! 35 of my award winning “Secrets of the Top 20%” articles Completely Revised and together for the First Time Ever! This Special Edition, 58 page eBook “35 Proven Ways to Become Closer of the Month,” is packed with Proven Techniques, Skills, and Strategies of Top 20% Closers. Use them and you will be the Closer of The Month!

Do you want the ONE CD that can change your sales career? Then you need "The Ulimate Secrets of the Top 20%". I've boiled down the most important techniques on Qualifying Leads, Overcoming Initial Resistance, and Handling Objections onto one CD that will have you closing sales like the Top 20% in just one hour! The Ultimate Secrets is perfect for your drive to and from the office and to appointments. If you only buy one CD this year, This Is It!

If you are serious about Doubling your income and want to know exactly how to do it, then Download my "Comprehensive Top 20% Instruction Manual." You’ll learn STEP BY STEP what to do and say to become the Top Closer in your office or industry. It’s all here: Word for Word scripts, proven, powerful techniques covering every aspect of the sales cycle. Invest in yourself and your career – you’ll be glad you did!

Imagine how much more successful you and your sales team would be if all your reps performed like your Top 20% producers? Think about how much easier it would be for you to not only predict consistent revenue, but to actually achieve it month in and month out... And then imagine being able to replicate that proven system and hire other sales reps that will achieve the same results.

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Looking for core sales skills training? Sign up today for my 4-session Webinar Workshop. get 4 complete training modules complete with a 146 page training manual that will teach you and your team how to prospect, qualify and close more business confidently and effectively. This program is available both for a 30 day licesne or for a lifetime license you can use over and over again! Click Here to learn more!

Attention Business Owners, Sales Managers and Independent Sales Reps: Looking for the fastest way to increase your effectiveness and sales? Personal Coaching is the fastest way to catapult your career and results. Let me personally offer you proven solutions to the challenges you are facing right now. I’ve been there and done that – let me show you how to succeed NOW.  – Call to Check Availability and for rates.

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Looking for an affordable way to INSTANTLY provide your sales team with the skills, techniques and strategies they need to make your revenue goals? My 4-hour presentation, "The Ten Secrets of Top 20% Producers" is packed with useable, proven skills, techniques and scripts that show results starting with their next phone call. Call For Availability and Pricing.

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If you’re a Business Owner or Sales Manager who is looking for the best way to give your team the tools, skills and proven techniques they need to meet and exceed your revenue goals, then Book Me Immediately to present my Comprehensive Top 20% Inside Sales Training Seminar. The increased production from just one of your sales reps will pay for this, and everything else is pure profit – week in and week out! If you’re serious about your company and sales team succeeding, then call now for availability and pricing – Click Here for Course Description.

Just Remember: Your success begins when you take action to get better.

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