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For front line inside sales reps, get effective and affordable traiing, "On-Demand." Prospecting and closing skills that get results!
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Inside Sales Management Training

Finally, management training for inside sales managers and directors. Get the skills and processes you need to lead and succeed.
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Listen to a brief description from Mike Brooks on what Executive Coaching can do for you and your business:


Are You a Frustrated Business Owner
Who Has an Inside Sales Team That Is
Under Performing and Not Making Quotas?

Are You Convinced They Could Be Doing Better But Just Not Sure What's Missing?

Or maybe you have a Sales Manager or Director (or maybe you are a sales manager who is reading this right now) who is struggling with the demanding tasks and responsibilities of management and could use help learning the techniques, skills, and best practices of management and leadership?

If You or Your Manager Struggle with:

  • An under achieving or under performing sales team
  • Personnel problems or high turnover
  • Coming up with fresh and effective training material
  • Sales meetings that under inspire and don't provide effective solutions for the team
  • Poorly designed bonus programs
  • Developing effective scripts and sales material, etc,

Then I Have Good News for You!

You don't have to struggle anymore! I have the answers you have been looking for. How do I know? Because I have been where you are now -- both as a manager, director, and owner of a company with inside sales teams.

 I have found and successfully implemented Best Practice Solutions to all of the above problems and many more that you are facing right now.

 You can leverage my over 20 years of proven, successful experience in:

  • Sales Management
  • Inside Sales Training
  • Script and Sales Material Development
  • Hiring and Training
  • Best Practices Systems and Procedures
  • Growing and Developing Highly Successful Multimillion Dollar Inside Sales Teams
  • And Many Other Areas Critical for Your Success!

If you are looking for the most effective solutions to the problems you are facing right now, and want to save hundreds of hours of further frustration and potentially Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars $$$ in trial and error, then call me today and start working with someone who can assist and coach you through whatever is going on in your business, right now, today!


“Mike’s coaching and consulting is exactly what I’ve needed to take my business to the next level!”

  Mike, I can’t tell you how much time and money I’ve saved by working with you over the last few months. You’ve been invaluable in helping me and my sales team with scripts, training, and you've been spot on with your advice and solutions.

Your coaching on how to hire a manager and how to make sure they succeed has been worth its weight in gold. I can’t recommend you enough, but make sure and save time to keep working with me! Thanks for everything!

 Cuyler Tremayne, CEO,

 FACT #1: Most business owners are great at running a business, but they don't have the skill set or the experience of developing, training and running a successful inside sales team.

 FACT #2: Most sales managers have little or no experience in management and were often promoted over the years because they were either great salespeople, or great in other departments. But they often don't have the skills or experience necessary to effectively train, develop and manage all aspects of a successful inside sales team.

 FACT #3: I have over 20 years of experience as a successful inside sales producer, manager, director and owner. I have built multimillion dollar rooms and have shown other business owners how to do it to.

 And I Can Show You How to Do It Starting Today!


“Mike’s personal coaching program is simply the best investment I’ve made in my business and sales team."

  Mike – before we began working together, I struggled to hire and develop good sales reps, didn’t really know how to a train them properly and was frustrated by their lack of production. But that’s all changed now that we’ve been working together. You’ve given us the tools and the proven solutions that work! We’re cranking now and I couldn’t have done it without you.

Do I recommend you? BIG TIME! Thanks!!!

Nye Ohrberg, President, PromoDart, Inc.

 Yes! I’m Ready to Succeed.
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How My Executive Coaching Program Works:

Please Note – Because of my schedule, I only work privately with 10 Executive Coaching clients at a time. Currently I am accepting clients, but that can change in a matter of days. If you’re serious, then Sign Up Today.

Coaching Program Description: My Executive Coaching is just that -- you get one-on-one coaching/consulting time each week with me personally -- via phone -- to work on and create solutions to your immediate challenges. This can include work on training material, scripts, meeting plans, hiring decisions, training program development, personnel decisions, bonus plans or compensation plans, problems or challenges you’re having, time management, business development issues, and much more

How the Executive Coaching Program Works:

First: Once we have agreed that we would be a good fit (I'm only interested in win/win relationships), I email you an assessment pack that will help both of us get a concrete understanding of your situation and problem areas. This information is crucial for me to gain an understanding of your unique situation and will allow me to provide you with the best solutions that will have the most immediate impact.

Second: Next, we agree on a weekly coaching appointment that is reserved for you only each and every week. At the start of each call, you will fax or e-mail your prior week's list of priorities with notes of progress made or problems encountered. This will serve as the outline for each week's coaching session. This session is our time to review current activities and develop new solutions for the coming week. This is a 50-minute phone call during which I completely focus on helping and assisting you.

Third: At the conclusion of this call we come up with a game plan in writing for the coming week. This will be developed by you and me and centered on areas that need the most attention and the solutions that will have the most impact (that will increase revenue) for the coming week. It is my experience that having a written plan of priorities and specific activities is the most effective way of making immediate and quantifiable improvements.

Executive Coaching Clients Also Get:

#1 Priority Email Support. For my Executive Coaching clients only, you will have direct access to me during the week via e-mail.I only offer direct support to my personal coaching clients, and you can e-mail me anytime with questions or problems you're having during your business week.

#2 “Spot Coaching” Phone Consultations. I am also available to my Executive Coaching clients for occasional 5 - 10 minute “spot coaching" calls. Need an answer quickly? As an Executive Coaching client you can call me and we can work through some of your immediate issues as they come up.

#3 FREE Script Review: For my Executive Business Coaching clients only, I offer a free review of any qualifying or closing script. To help make sure your inside sales team is using the best sales material, I encourage you to e-mail me a copy of your qualifying script, or your main closing presentation script, and I will review it and send it back to you with my correction notes. This is a $500 value and you get it free as part of my Executive Coaching program!


This is the Best Inside Sales Business
Coaching Program available anywhere!


If you want to STOP STRUGGLING AND START SUCCEEDING, then let’s get you started. With my Personal Business Coaching Program, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


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