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FREE - PowerPrinciples eBook by Jeb Blount. With his fast-paced, down-to-earth style, laced with personal stories, Jeb Blount, CEO of, delivers a no-nonsense roadmap to success. Take full advantage of your sales career to bring abundance and success to your life.

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Victor Antonio

Author and online columnist Lee Salz is offering a free copy of “Are There Criminals on Your Sales Team?” This will help you identify important components to structure a criminal background check program for your sales force. A white paper valued at $199.



Victor is giving awayThe Motivator: The Business of

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Invincible Marketing” – The 7 Principles of Success in Business. In this 58 paged Special Report, Dr. Vitale walks you through each of his 7 principles about Invincible Marketing.

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From the author of the international classic "Nice Girls DO Get the Sale: Relationship Building that Gets Results" published by Sourcebooks. Elinor is offering a free copy of her book "Sales 101,” it shows you 101 ways to make sales painless, easy and Fun!

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