Finally, a book of real world, new phone scripts that will help you be successful in ANY sales situation you encounter when selling your product or service over the phone.

“The Ultimate Book Phone Scripts” is a Sales Powerhouse, and has over 220 BRAND NEW SCRIPTS  that will  teach you, Word for Word, how to:

* Immediately establish rapport when cold calling
* Overcome initial resistance
* Connect with and build rapport with decision makers
* Qualify and find REAL buyers
* Easily handle difficult sales situations
* Close sales without resistance
* Handle objections that used to blow you off!

And So Much More!                           


Mike Brooks’, The Ultimate Book of Phone Scripts, is a library of excellent tips for call introductions, building rapport, handling objections, etc., which individuals and teams can use to sharpen their sales skills.

- Bob Perkins, CEO of the American Association of Inside
Sales Professionals


Here’s just a Small Sample of the Scripts You’ll Find in “The Ultimate Book of Phone Scripts:

Killer New WORD FOR WORD Cold Calling Scripts

        How to Open a Cold Call
        The Five Best Cold Call Openings

        Opening statements – What to do and What NOT to do
        Three Ways to Build Rapport in 30 Seconds
        Five Ways to Sound More Natural on the Phone
        Over 50 New Scripts to Overcoming Initial Resistance!!
        How to Handle Incoming Leads

      And many, many more scripts!

Plus You’ll Get Specific Scripts For:

        Voice Mail Scripts – Exactly What to Say if Your Prospect Won’t Call You Back!
        Email Secrets to Get Your Emails Returned!|
        Exactly How to Handle Difficult Prospect
        Word for word NEW, PROVEN CLOSING Scripts to Handle:
        “The Price is Too High” (20 NEW Scripts!)
        “I Need to Show This Too” (10 New Scripts!)
        “I Need to Think About It” (10 New Scripts!)
        “I Already Have a Supplier” (8 New Scripts!)

      And many, many more scripts!

And Now: Advanced Scripts and Techniques Including:

        How to Improve Your Closing Ratios
        Using the Take Away to stay firm on Price
        How to Build REAL Value
        How to Find Out What’s REALLY Stopping Your Prospect from Buying
        How to Build Commitment Throughout the Buying Process
        “Straight Selling” – The Quickest Path to the Top 20%!

       And many, many more scripts and techniques

Bonus Sections with Industry Specific Scripts!

        How to Overcome the Top Ten Objections in Real Estate
        How to Overcome the Top Ten Objections in Financial Services
        Power Closing Techniques for Mortgage Brokers
        How to Overcome the Top Ten Objections in Insurance Sales
        How to Overcome the Top Ten Objections in Sports Ticket Sales
        How to Overcome the Top Ten Objections in Merchant Services/Bankcard Services

“Mike Brooks nails it! The Ultimate Book of Phone Scripts is
absolutely the best guide for selling over the phone that has ever been written, This book gives you everything you need to double your income today!”

- Jeb Blount, Author of the AMAZON #1 Best-seller:
People Buy You

If you are looking for WORD FOR WORD SCRIPTS

you can use TODAY to Get Better, then get:

"The Ultimate Book of Phone Scripts"

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The Little Book of Listening

By Jeffrey Gitomer

Value: $15

You can work out anything, if you take the time to understand the other person’s point of view. Listen with the intent to understand before you speak, then you can respond with the full knowledge of what has been communicated. Jeffrey Gitomer's Little E-Book of Listening: How to Listen with the Intent to Understand was first released as a companion to the Little Black Book of Connections.

Want to learn to listen better? Maximize your listening skills, increase your productivity, reduce errors, gain customer loyalty, and most of all help you make more sales. In this little e-book Jeffrey outlines the 14.5 Listen Lesson Guidelines and how to get your prospect listening, laughing, and buying.

  • Learn to listen in two words...shut up!
  • A course in listening skills.
  • I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you. Could you repeat that?
  • Maximize your listening skills and increase customer loyalty.
  • A lesson from a laugh. Listen to this one.
  • Funny bridges the gap between professional and friendly.
  • A tune you can listen to. A message you can hear.
  • Toward error free positive communication.
  • Test your listening self-discipline.
  • Listening building skills.

Personal 30 Minute Phone Consultation
with Stan Billue

By Stan Billue

Value: $150

After working with thousands of Sales Pros over the last 30 plus years, Stan Billue has learned what works and what doesn't. He will develop and improve your Skills required and your Attitude needed to become a Mega-Buck Income Producing Sales Pro.

If you aren't growing your Sales and Income at least 20 to 50% a year in spite of (or because of) our Economy than you might as well have a Career Adjustment.

The Voice Mail Report

By Wendy Weiss

Value: $27

Inside The Voice Mail Report, Wendy Weiss, The Queen of Cold Calling™ will show you:

  • 7 Surefire Ways to Name Your Prospect
  • 12 Proven Strategies to Bypass Voice Mail Hell
  • 6 Time-tested Email Strategies to Engage Your Prospect
  • What to Say and How to Leave a Voice Mail Message that Gets Returned
  • And much, Much More...

Where Do You Turn When Faced With an Objection?

By Dave Kahle

Value: $19.95

Thorough preparation is the fundamental strategy for handling objections.  Use this 30-page workbook to guide you through the process of anticipating, and preparing to handle every objection, even the most difficult.

Financial Justification in a Snap MP3

By Kendra Lee

Value: $49

Listen to sales strategy expert Kendra Lee's podcast on how to create a financially compelling business case for your recommendations and get your customers to take action now! 

Double Your Sales: Selling & Marketing Strategies to Guarantee Results

By Annette Bau

Value: $197

In this product you will learn how to:

*Attract more of your ideal prospects and clients
*The best strategies to fill your funnel
*Master the power of follow up
*Get more of the results you desire
*Find exactly what your ideal client wants so you can get more and better results.

If you want to grow your business & increase your bottom line you can't afford to miss the information in this training resource.

How to Have Your Best Year Ever!

By Eric Taylor

Value: $9.95

Everybody says they want to have their Best Year Ever! but very few know the critical action steps it takes to make it happen.  In this powerful eBook Eric guides you through the steps, process and mindset you need to create YOUR Best Year Ever!

The SalesDog Reader: Winning Sales Advice from America's Top Sales Experts  


Value: $19.95

You'll get quick-read tips from leading experts on lead generation, getting your emails read, overcoming objections, speeding you your sales cycle, establishing value, creating winning presentations, and closing sales.  Plus inspiration to keep on selling!

Powerful Persuasive Presentations MP3 and Seven Steps to Getting Referrals eBook

By Tom Hopkins

Value: $95.00

Get more referral business! Then, close more sales with powerful presentations. Master sales trainer, Tom Hopkins will teach you a simple, yet powerful strategy for getting referrals on nearly every contact you make. He'll also help you to enhance your sales presentation with subtle nuances that make a difference in the results you get.

2011 Goals Planning Guide

By Jeb Blount

Value: $39.00

This year developing a comprehensive set of goals and a plan for attaining those goals in more important than ever. The single biggest mistake people make when planning and goal setting is the failure to write their plan down. To help you, Jeb Blount, bestselling author of People Buy You, is offering a FREE step-by-step 2011 Goal Planning Guide. You can make this year, your best year ever.

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